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Thomas Gleeson

ireland-powerlifting-shop-gleesonThomas Gleeson is a junior powerlifter from Ireland. He is a masters student and he work in security.

Despite his young age, he already pass through adversity like a true Warrior.

Thomas broke records in all lifts during his first competition. After this meet, he was hooked to powerlifting.

But only 2 years later, Thomas has biceps tendon tear and go to surgery. Doctor reattach the tendon but surgery went wrong : the bone in his forearm kept growing rapidly abnormally through his bicep, and fused into the bone in his upper arm.thomas-gleeson-Warrior-Powerlifting-Gear

So Thomas has another surgery to remove the bone from his arm and do some radiotherapy. After a total of 9 months of hospital between this 2 surgery, Doctor said he will definitely never lift again…

4 months after Thomas finished all treatment, he broke the Junior Deadlift World Record with a 315 Kg deadlift in the -90 class !

Thomas Gleeson have some big plan in 2016 break world records.

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Powerlifter Vs Strongman With Thomas : 

315 Kg Deadlift – World Record -90 : 

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